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What We Do

For over a decade, PotomacWave has remained true to our founding principle — think solutions and act boldly. Our dynamic and diverse workforce continually strives to provide mission-critical support across multiple disciplines.

Management Consulting

  • Project and Program Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Policy Analysis/Development

"PotomacWave provides a high-quality product for system access requests and reviews, account code management, travel system and financial system support. The prime contractor's management of its staff and of its subcontractors is exceptional."


"I just want to express my gratitude for the assistance received from your team over the weekend. Your team displayed the utmost professionalism, genuine care for Soldiers, and dedication to mission accomplishment. Their advice enabled us to execute a workaround that allowed us to accomplish the mission."

INSCOM Customer

”PotomacWave is a trusted advisor to USCIS, providing subject matter expertise when requirements have arisen and when federal resources are not available to meet the need. PotomacWave works diligently and independently to lead efforts including collecting, editing, and following up with federal staff to ensure quality and completeness of the product."

USCIS Division Chief

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PotomacWave is providing ECD with a broad range of capabilities in strategic planning, performance management, organizational development, stakeholder outreach, task management, and human capital services. PotomacWave works with ECD leaders and the front office to define strategic priorities and facilitate strategic initiatives and methodologies throughout the organization. Through our ongoing program support, PotomacWave has established an integration/implementation schedule that promotes more efficient and streamlined collaboration throughout ECD.

PotomacWave is providing mission support services to DHS ISCD in its role of managing national-level programs to minimize the risk of terrorism from potentially deadly chemicals. PotomacWave is conducting activities related to policy and rulemaking, operational support, communications, training, and other administrative and analysis functions.

PotomacWave is assisting FID in identifying and implementing project and program management best practices to enhance mission accomplishment. After analyzing specific business systems and processes, PotomacWave is developing tools, templates, and methodologies for adoption. We are also creating training materials and conducting training sessions to enhance understanding and assure that these practices are repeatable and predictable.

Business and Technology

  • IT Program Management
  • IT Strategy & Governance
  • Data Management & Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft SharePoint & Collaboration Tools
  • Cybersecurity

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PotomacWave provides program management support services to DHS USCIS to further its work in administering benefits, providing immigration services, and enhancing national security. Our role includes, but is not limited to, business integration, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning. Specifically, PotomacWave supports an enterprise-wide IT Transformation Program that integrates the information used for adjudication and analysis to improve data integrity, reinforce decision consistency, and enhance immigration system security.

PotomacWave is lending its expertise in Information Technology Governance (ITG), strategy development, risk management, and communications to CA/CST. In doing so, PotomacWave is drawing on a significant body of experience supporting the complex, enterprise-level requirements that large-scale system modernization efforts demand. PotomacWave’s technical insights and recommendations are helping CA/CST leaders manage a portfolio of more than 90 systems that support more than 300 sites worldwide.

PotomacWave is providing ongoing IT and project management support to ASB, which assists OCPO in its role of acquiring mission-critical products and services. ASB delivers procurement-related IT systems and tools that comprise the enterprise platform on which OCPO automates its critical business processes. PotomacWave is offering technology-related recommendations ultimately designed to promote greater efficiency, accuracy, standardization, transparency, and data-driven decision-making.

Financial Management

  • Financial Program Management
  • Federal Financial Systems: Federal Shared Service Provider (FSSP) Migrations, Functional and Technical Expertise, and Data Management
  • Business Operations: Budget Formulation and Execution, Fee for Service, and Working Capital Funds
  • Modeling and Cost Analysis

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PotomacWave was the prime contractor on the DNDO Financial Acquisition and Asset Management Solution (FAAMS) project. Notably, this effort comprised the first DHS implementation of an Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) solution hosted by a Federal Shared Service Provider (FSSP). PotomacWave supported the DNDO FAAMS project team with program management, risk management and mitigation, project quality assurance, project status reporting, milestone management, and executive briefing. Our impact spanned the entire organization, allowing PotomacWave to positively influence almost every agency program.

PotomacWave is providing compliance, performance, and statistical sampling of internal controls in support of the USCG Office of Budget Execution. The effort spans three areas: business management, financial management, and financial reporting. A primary business management effort involves reviewing and documenting standard operating procedures in support of the government initiative for Mission Action Plans (MAPS). Regarding financial management, PotomacWave is delivering general financial reporting, internal control, and project management support. Our financial reporting initiatives focus on developing and implementing internal controls to remediate process weaknesses.

PotomacWave is delivering financial systems support services to TSA FSB that includes both program management-level financial systems operations and implementation support. Specifically, we are supporting day-to-day operations of the current financial system as well as implementing the new Oracle Release 12 financial system. A key goal of this initiative is to help improve, facilitate, and sustain the successful accomplishment of TSA’s overall financial management objectives.

Technical Operations

  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and Acquisition Support
  • Engineering and Logistics
  • Preparedness/Response Planning and Exercise Support
  • Intelligence Program Management
  • Intelligence Analysis

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PotomacWave is supporting Treasury OCCIP with creating, facilitating, and implementing a cybersecurity and physical incident exercise program. Our work includes developing exercise scenarios to test key incident response processes in the context of core financial sector functions. This involves coordinating meetings with external stakeholders; drafting and tracking plans; developing exercises to test strategic coordination mechanisms and drills; serving as a facilitator during exercises; identifying and capturing lessons learned; identifying technical capabilities for testing; and developing plans and procedures to capture incident response processes.

PotomacWave provides support to the CMDS PO to develop Logistics Products for the Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment 2 (IFPC Inc 2-I), including Product Support Analysis/Logistics Product Data, training support such as Plans of Instruction, as well as certified instructors and technical manuals. PotomacWave provides provisioning, publications, and management oversight. We also assist in developing the product baseline, verifying that it meets the system functional and allocated baselines, and transforming the preliminary design into a producible design, all within the schedule and cost constraints of the Multi-Mission Launcher effort.

PotomacWave is supporting USAMRMC CCCRP in efforts to develop innovative solutions for managing combat-related trauma under austere battlefield conditions. We are researching and developing materiel and knowledge products that will enhance first responders’ ability to treat casualties as close to the geographic location and time of injury as possible. Beyond information and knowledge management, PotomacWave is providing financial, analytic, and scientific support services.

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