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Improving Federal Procurement Data Quality 

  • Decrease Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) data entry errors
  • Increase the Annual FPDS-NG Verification and Validation Review accuracy rate
  • Automate the generation of the FPDS-NG V&V Exhibit II results submission to OFPP
  • Increase strategic sourcing utilization against FSSI and internal programs
  • Decrease competitive one bids


Instant feedback

  • 105 data checks and growing — such as undefinitized contract actions that are older than 180 days and awards with multiple offers coded as being not competed
  • Automated email alerts to contracting officers and supervisory personnel when FPDS-NG data entry errors, strategic sourcing leakage, or one bids occur
  • Online form to document factors contributing to competitive one bids
  • Automated report subscriptions that deliver parameterized reports to email inboxes

Ad-hoc reporting

  • Web-based reports and graphical dashboards
  • Excel-based reporting allowing for complete analytical flexibility
  • Drill-to-detail capability providing specific, actionable information at the contracting officer level

Workflow automation

  • Online form for collection of annual FPDS-NG V&V data quality review, database driven sample generation, and the associated required reports for tallying accuracy results
  • Online form for defining strategic sourcing vehicles and their associated product or service codes – allows user driven flexibility for defining utilization and leakage

Get proper credit for your work

  • Small business and competition data check categories, allows OSDBU and Competition Advocates to review applicable awards for accuracy
  • Identify propagation errors from Federal Supply Schedules and IDVs

The Value We Are Providing Our Clients

“FedDataCheck has greatly improved the quality of FPDS data as well as the accuracy rate.”- Veterans Affairs

“Reporting features have enabled the Department to perform more in-depth analysis, resulting in cost savings to the government.”

  • Improving the strategic sourcing utilization rate.  FedDataCheck tracks utilization and leakage across government wide initiatives, such as the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative, as well as departmental initiatives such as the Commerce’s NOAALink.  It also provides the dashboards and automated email alerts to measurably increase the utilization rate, with NOAALink’s improving by over 30%.

Veterans Affairs
  • Improving FPDS NG data quality. Enforcing FPDS NG data quality plays a role in promoting procurement best practices as well as achieving departmental goals related to procurement metrics. For example, incorrect coding of the Fair Opportunity / Limited Sources data field in relation to single award IDVs can drive down a department’s competition rate. Veterans Affairs has improved their FPDS NG data quality by 78%.
  • Decreasing the competitive one bid rate.  Tracking which awards were competed but only received one offer is a new federal initiative.  HHS is tracking their one bid rate by operational division, and using email alerts and an associated online form to collect data so as to understand why one bids are occurring and thereby to reduce their occurrence in the future.


  • Automating the Annual FPDS NG Verification and Validation Review.  Every year departments are required to audit, via a random sample, their FPDS NG data entry against their actual contract files. FedDataCheck generates the sample and provides an online form to collect and tabulate the data for the Exhibit II submission to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy – saving time and effort while also providing additional reports that enable drilling down on data elements with the highest error rate.


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