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Management Consulting

  • Project & Program Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Human Capital
  • SETA and Acquisition Support

Sample Engagements:


PotomacWave provides Program Management Office (PMO) support to the Network Security Deployment (NSD) Division which leads the design, development, deployment, and systems operations and maintenance of cybersecurity technologies. We provide subject matter experts and resources to advise and assist NSD in the effective and efficient execution of the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS). PotomacWave also provides support to the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program; a dynamic approach to fortifying the cybersecurity of government networks and systems. The PotomacWave team supported development the organization structure and operating model, assisted in the creation of the governance structure, and provides program management and cybersecurity subject matter expertise to CDM.


PotomacWave supports the FBI Facilities and Logistics Services Division (FLSD) responsible for oversees facilities management of the FBI's multi-billion dollar world-wide facilities, including strategic planning, acquisition, construction, maintenance and operations, and logistical initiatives. PotomacWave provides business process improvement, financial and cost benefit analysis, organizational design, and performance management in support of FLSD's critical infrastructure programs.


PotomacWave supports the USCG OPC Acquisition Project Office, the USCG's highest investment priority and a mission critical program, with the procurement of 25 ships at an estimated cost of over $10 billion. We assist the program office in multiple program management initiatives including the development and update of project acquisition documents, project process development, staffing and organizational requirements, business processes, and strategic planning.


Information Technology

  • IT Program Management
  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • Data Management and Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Collaboration Tools

Sample Engagements:


PotomacWave supports an enterprise-wide IT Transformation Program that will integrate information used for adjudication and analysis, improve data integrity, reinforce decision consistency, and help ensure the security of the immigration system while better enabling customers to do business with the USCIS. We assist OTC in facilitating governance processes and providing business integration support services including developing, managing, and leading large system business integration efforts.


PotomacWave supported the design and implementation and now supports operations for the Enterprise Reporting Application (ERA) and the Electronic Procurement Information Center (EPIC). Together, these Business Intelligence and Collaboration tools provide an enterprise platform to support collaboration and the automation of critical business processes promoting increased efficiency, accuracy, standardization, transparency, and data driven decision making. The efficiencies introduced with these systems have reduced the number of manual processes and resources, increased data accuracy, and enhanced performance management.


PotomacWave supports the OCIO Office of the Chief of Staff (COS), Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) and Enterprise System Development Office (ESDO) with strategic planning, communications, web development, and coordination across DHS Chief Information Officer Council (CIOC) High Priority Initiatives (HPIs). PotomacWave supports the DHS OCIO Front Office by providing assistance for operational efficiencies, systems and data integrity initiatives, and support for the implementation of OCIO-Wide business initiatives.



  • Intelligence Program Management
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Preparedness and Exercises
  • Cybersecurity

Sample Engagements:


PotomacWave supports the Army's mission by providing intelligence analytical support across multiple intelligence disciplines and areas of focus such as All-Source, OSINT, SIGINT, and Intelligence Security Cooperation. Our team covers a broad range of functional areas to include threat monitoring, ISC planning, contingency operations, Humanitarian Assistance (HA)/Disaster Relief (DR) exercises and operations, Partner Nation (PN) engagements, and law enforcement operations.


PotomacWave supports Treasury's critical infrastructure protection programs for exercises and recovery and resilience, including efforts with interagency partners and the private sector to test and document national processes for responding to cyber and physical incidents impacting the financial sector. We provide support for creating, facilitating, and implementing a cybersecurity and physical incident exercise program. Our subject-matter experts assist in writing exercise scenarios, coordinating exercise events, facilitating the exercise, developing after action reports, and capturing and socializing incident response processes.


PotomacWave is providing Project Management, Communication, and Reporting Support to the Visa Security Program (VSP) to facilitate enhanced decision-making through risk-based tools and streamlining business operations. We support the OIA Personnel Recovery Unit (PRU) in their mission to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and survive an isolating event.


Financial Management

  • Financial Program Management
  • Federal Financial Systems- FSSP Migrations, Functional and Technical Expertise, and Data Management
  • Business Operations including Budget Formulation & Execution, Fee-for-Service, and Working Capital Funds
  • Modeling & Cost Analysis  

Sample Engagements:


PotomacWave provides program management and data migration expertise to the Financial Acquisition and Asset Management Solution (FAAMS) Project, the first Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implementation of an Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) solution hosted by a Federal Shared Service Provider (FSSP). PotomacWave provides the DNDO FAAMS Project Team with program management, risk management and mitigation, project quality assurance, project status reporting milestone management, and executive briefing support. We also assist DNDO in achieving its mission objectives and goals by integrating functional and operational services for program management, financial support, travel services, and human resources.


PotomacWave provides strategic, programmatic, and technical support across both the Discovery Phase and Implementation for TSA's Financial System Replacement (FSR) project, the second Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implementation of an Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) solution hosted by a Federal Shared Service Provider (FSSP). Our team is also supporting the implementation of a new OBIEE Data Warehouse solution that will leverage historical data and data feeds from the new financial system.


PotomacWave provides the Office of Financial Operations/Comptroller and the Office of Resource Management with support for the execution of Mission Action Plans (MAPs) to maintain the clean audit opinion on financial statements and to achieve a clean audit opinion on internal controls over financial reporting. We provide accounting support and internal controls over financial reporting to include resolving audit and internal control issues associated with budgetary accounting, providing communications and logistical support, and assisting in the development and implementation of corrective actions.



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